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Sea Shanty Logo Launches

Oct 29, 2013|News

The Sea Shanty logo was sooooo much fun to work on. Was great breaking out the old pen and paper again and doing some good ol' illustration work. Owner Dana Drake was a joy to work with as well ... client enthusiasm always makes projects more fun!

Growing a Great Website

Sep 26, 2013|News

How do you grow a great website? Start with a great company. In this case, Oklahoma's oldest Florist ... Mrs. DeHaven's Flower Shop in Tulsa, OK. Since 1905, Mrs. DeHaven's has been serving gorgeous flower arrangements to the Tulsa metro, and we're loving the challenge of designing a site that lives up to their high standards!


Sep 25, 2013|News

If you want to see an illustrator get excited about his job, toss him a fun project like a logo design for Squirrel Busters! This team of brothers just made it to the World Championship Squirrel Cookoff, and asked us to whip up an amazing logo to help sell t-shirts benefitting the local children's hospital. Check back soon to see the progress! Shines

Sep 23, 2013|News

We're a bit late in getting this one up on the old portfolio ... we launched the new website back in July, and are really proud of the final product. Michael and Aaron are great guys to work with, and they have an absolutely beautiful product. We're still working hard on the photography, but there's still a great selection online already. Check it out!

VIP Personal Training Website Launch!

Mar 5, 2013|News
Over the past month, we've been working to get the VIP Personal Training website in tip-top shape for launch (and owner Michael Wigington has been getting US in shape as well!) After a lot of hard work (all around), we're proud to introduce VIP Personal Training to the world ... I'm sure Michael will impress you as much as he impressed us!

PLAYLIST: Tony Romanello & the Black Jackets

Oct 29, 2012|Blog: Music

We've known Tony Romanello for so long here at the Bean that he's practically family. This fall he's back in a big way with his new band the Black Jackets, and their new EP "Pleased to Meet Us". It's been on heavy rotation here at the office, and is highly recommended for anyone who is a fan of driving modern rock. Do yourself a favor and pick up a copy from today!

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