$500 3D Printer

3D printers have been a pretty hot topic in the past year, and it's been really interesting to see this race unfold. The two most well-known are Makerbot and Cubify, but both are fairly pricey. Enter the Solidoodle, a $500 6x6x6" 3D printer. It's only got a single extruder head (which means you can only print one-color objects), but at less than half the price of the competition I'm not going to complain. Judging only from jpegs of finished objects, Solidoodle doesn't seem to produce objects with quite as much detail or finish quality as Makerbot or Cubify, but it will still be one to watch.

So while the 3D printers evolve into more mature products, I'll be here trying to find an excuse to buy a Carvewright to play with.