Construction Directions Locating Colored Bean in OK Construction

Unfortunately Norman is once again under construction ... EVERYWHERE! To top it off, the easiest access to our office is completely closed. I'm a map-needin' kinda guy, so I put a quick one together to make sure everyone can find us through the forest of orange cones.

Easiest Routes:

From Robinson - take Porter North to Rock Creek, Rock Creek West to Industrial Blvd, Industrial South to the intersection of Industrial and Lexington. We're on the left, just after Habitat ReStore.

From the I-35 - take the Flood/Hwy 77 branch left as you come into Norman. Continue South on Flood/Hwy 77 until you get to Lexington (the first left AFTER Rock Creek ... no stop light, but there is a Re-Bath sign on the corner.) Just over the train tracks you will see Bell Plaza ... we're in the back left corner.